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The role of the Special Education Support Service (SESS) is to enhance the quality of learning and teaching in relation to special educational provision. Read more about our role.


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SESS CPD Programme for Teachers Working with Students with ASDs 2014-2015
Details of 23 different courses available in the SESS Continuing Professional Development Programme for Teachers Working with Students with ASDs are available from the link below.
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App logoFeatured App #5: Word Bingo
Patricia Garry, who teaches in St. Conaire’s national school in Shannon in County Clare, uses this App for building sight vocabulary, particularly the words on the Dolch List-220.
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'Achieving Curricular Targets using Digital Literacy: General Learning Disability'
This evening seminar focuses on using iPads and Apps to help achieve curricular targets through a Digital Literacy Framework and Planning Tool. It concentrates on the Moderate, and Severe and Profound levels of General Learning Disability where students may not have conventional literacy. It will be available in Dublin West Education Centre in October.
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'Using Content-free Software to develop Reading Ability in Students with SEN'
This course aims to give teachers who work with students with reading difficulties the skills to use content-free software to provide meaningful learning opportunities for their students. This full day seminar will be available in Limerick and Dublin in October.
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'Teaching Exceptionally Able and Dual Exceptional Pupils Inclusively: An Introduction for Primary Schools'
This full day seminar aims to provide primary teachers with an introduction to the topic of Exceptional Ability and Dual Exceptionality in primary schools. It will be available in Dublin in October.
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'Assistive Technology for pupils with Specific Learning Disabilities - TextHelp 'Read & Write Gold'
This full day seminar aims will provide professional development in this assistive technology software, which is commonly recommended for pupils with specific learning disabilities. It will be available in four venues in October and November.
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Apps. that Teachers Use

An occasional feature on how teachers use Apps. in their teaching of students with SEN

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