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The role of the Special Education Support Service (SESS) is to enhance the quality of learning and teaching in relation to special educational provision. Read more about our role.


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IATSE 27th Annual International Conference, June 2015
The Annual Conference of the Irish Association of Teachers in Special Education (IATSE) takes place in Dublin on 12th & 13th June 2015
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Link to Metacognition webcastWebcast: ‘The Metacognitive Teacher and Learner: An Introduction to Metacognition in the Classroom
This webcast examines the important role which Metacognition can play in learning and teaching. It has four main sections:

  1. What metacognition is and why it is important in teaching and learning
  2. Metacognitive strategies for use by students and teachers
  3. How metacognition can benefit students with special and additional learning needs
  4. Ideas on how to implement metacognition in schools

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Upcoming Events 2015/2016

'Assistive Technology for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities – TextHELP Read&Write Gold'

This full-day seminar for primary and post-primary teachers will provide professional development in assistive technology software for pupils with specific learning disabilities. The software used will be TextHELP Read&Write Gold, which is commonly recommended for pupils with specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. Other similar types of software will also be reviewed.

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'Leading Inclusive Learning in Resource Teaching – Post-Primary'

This is a 1 day course for Resource, Learning Support and S.E.N Co-ordinators in mainstream Post Primary schools. This course will provide a substantial understanding into the current landscape of teaching and learning and set the context for whole school and individual planning for the teaching and learning of students with educational needs.

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'An Introduction to teaching students with Moderate General Learning Disabilities(ModGLD) – Post-Primary'

This is a 1 day course for Resource and Learning Support teachers in mainstream Post Primary schools who teach students with ModGLD.

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The Inclusion Support Service (ISS)

The Inclusion Support Service incorporates the following three existing services with immediate effect:

  • The National Behaviour Support Service (NBSS)
  • The Special Education Support Service (SESS)
  • The Visiting Teachers’ for Hearing and Visual Impairment (VTHVI) Service.

Transitional arrangements are being put in place to facilitate the continuing operation of the SESS during the transition phase to end in August 2015 and to assist with the SESS transfer to the new Inclusion Support Service.
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Apps. that Teachers Use

An occasional feature on how teachers use Apps. in their teaching of students with SEN

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