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Webcast: 'The Metacognitive Teacher and Learner: An Introduction to Metacognition in the Classroom'

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This webcast examines the important role which Metacognition can play in learning and teaching. It has four main sections:

  1. What metacognition is and why it is important in teaching and learning
  2. Metacognitive strategies for use by students and teachers
  3. How metacognition can benefit students with special and additional learning needs
  4. Ideas on how to implement metacognition in schools

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'Evidence Informed Instructional Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder' 

Special Education Support Service (SESS) is promoting autism awareness by highlighting both resources and evidence informed interventions to support the learning and teaching of students with autism in Ireland.

SESS has developed a video (20 mins) to demonstrate a number of evidence-informed instructional interventions that teachers working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ireland may draw upon to promote and facilitate development and learning.

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World Autism Day 2016

Education Online from The Ear Foundation - Nottingham

The Ear Foundation is an independent charity that helps deaf people and their families make the best use of technology to improve hearing, communication and spoken language.  They do this through:

  • Education
  • Family and Clinical Services
  • Carrying our Research
  • Advocating for access to the latest hearing technologies

The Ear Foundation provides access to resources and Online presentations that are free to download.

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e-learning courses listed below are undergoing editorial changes. Please check at a later date.

There are currently two eLearning Courses available free of charge, which participants can undertake at any time. The content is summarised below.

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'Co-operative Teaching', by SESS

In this course on Co-operative Teaching provided by SESS, you will learn to:

  • list five models of co-teaching;
  • identify key approaches of each co-teaching model;
  • examine the benefits of co-teaching;
  • plan more effectively for co-teaching;
  • evaluate co-teaching in your school.

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'Dyslexia: How to identify it and What to do', by Dyslexia International

This course is made available by Dyslexia International which is a non-profit organisation that works to create and promote tools and technologies that enable learners dyslexia to succeed. The course is based on an original pilot version in French, authorised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and International Relations of the French-speaking Community of Belgium. With this course, you will learn:

  • to understand what dyslexia is
  • how to identify dyslexia
  • how to teach reading, spelling and writing to children with and without dyslexia; know how to help children cope with their specific weaknesses in concentration, memory and organization
  • how to help your pupils to manage their dyslexia
  • to understand that all children learn differently
  • how dyslexia has a pervasive negative impact on the child, and so early identification and intervention are important
  • how dyslexia has positive aspects that should be explored, recognised by the whole class and celebrated

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Disclaimer: As this course was not developed specifically for Irish teachers, and without input from SESS, some content and language may vary from that normally used in the Irish school context. Please click below to see those sections to which this especially applies. Please click here to see details on these sections.

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Evaluation and Feedback: SESS would appreciate evaluation and feedback on 'Dyslexia: How to identify it and What to do' from those who do the course.

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