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Behaviour 4 LearningImage of Behaviour 4 Learning homepageThis website is developed by the Teacher Training Agency in the UK. It has some good articles and resources on the subject of behaviour, including an excellent glossary.
National Behaviour Support ServiceNBSS LogoThe National Behaviour Support Service was established in 2006, their work with schools is carried out by a multi-disciplinary team.
ADD Online Support GroupImage of the Adders.org Homepage Adders.org is a site run by parents of a boy with ADD. His mother has now also been diagnosed with ADD. It also has a list of support groups in Ireland.
Conduct DisordersImage of the Conduct Disorders Homepage Again, another website run by parents. It has an interesting parents’ discussion board, which deal with a variety of topics, including special education, diet, substance abuse.
Improving Behaviour in SchoolsImage of the Improving Behaviour in Schools Homepage This is an invaluable site, under the UK Department for Education and Skills, with easy access to DfES policy and publications on this issue, also interesting case studies. A related site gives information on the BIP (Behaviour Improvement Programme)
TCD Anti-Bullying CentreImage of the TCD Anti-Bullying Centre Homepage This website gives information on the ABC programme run by Trinity College Dublin.
No Bully (New Zealand)Image of No Bully New Zealand HomepageKia Kaha (Stand Strong) is a New Zealand anti-bullying programme for schools worth looking at.
Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties AssociationImage of Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association HomepageThis UK multi-disciplinary organisation produce a journal called 'Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties', and abstracts of each article can be read online. Its Publications section and Resources list are also useful.