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Site Name Link Comments
Dyslexia Association of IrelandImage of the Dyslexia Association of Ireland Homepage A very detailed website with explanations of dyslexia, with advice and a list of courses on Dyslexia for teachers.
Dyslexia in Ireland Image of the Dyslexia in Ireland Homepage This is a website designed by a parent of a child with dyslexia. It also refers to dyscalculia.
The Reading Association of IrelandReading Association of Ireland Logo Founded in 1975, it is affiliated to the International Reading Association, a body with over 100,000 members throughout the world, whose aim is to promote literacy worldwide. The association is run on a voluntary basis by its members.
The British Dyslexia AssociationImage of the British Dyslexia Association Homepage A very comprehensive site on dyslexia, with a list of information sheets. These include information on the teaching and learning of people with dyslexia, and how ICT may be of benefit.
LDOnLineImage of the LDOnLine homepage A huge site with information on almost every topic you can think of relevant to the American term 'learning disability' (covers ADD, specific learning disabilities and speech and language disorders).
Dyslexia TeacherImage of the Dyslexia Teacher Homepage One of 8 'World of Dyslexia' websites, this is a huge site designed to help teachers of students with dyslexia.
Dyscalculia.orgImage of the Dyscalculia.org Homepage A very detailed site which contains a whole thesis on dyscalculia! Its Dyscalculia Symptoms page is very useful.
DysgraphiaImage of the Dysgraphia Homepage This site offers teaching tips and strategies for people working with students with special educational needs to include dysgraphia.