World Autism Day 2016

To celebrate World Autism Day, April 2nd 2016, Special Education Support Service (SESS) is promoting autism awareness by highlighting both resources and evidence informed interventions to support the learning and teaching of students with autism in Ireland.

SESS co-ordinates, develops and delivers a range of professional development initiatives and support structures for school personnel working with students with special educational needs in mainstream primary and post-primary schools, special schools and special classes. The SESS operates under the remit of the Teacher Education Section (TES) of the Department of Education and Skills and is included in the development of a new Inclusion Support Service within the National Council for Special Education.

Click here for an outline of the range of continual professional development initiatives and support available for teachers in Autism Spectrum Disorder from SESS.

SESS has developed a video (20 mins) to demonstrate a number of evidence-informed instructional interventions that teachers working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ireland may draw upon to promote and facilitate development and learning. The interventions are drawn from a number of theoretical backgrounds and show a selection of evidence-informed practices in action, looking at the development of social skills, communication and language, behaviour, life-skills, learning and exercise. The interventions are based on and aligned to the identified needs of the student with autism and linked to targeted learning outcomes. The selected interventions may be implemented in all educational settings.

Click below to view this video.

Evidence-Informed Instructional Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder from SESS on Vimeo.