Cerebral Palsy Additional Resources

  1. Central Remedial Clinic, Ireland: provides a range of specialised services for children and adults with physical disabilities, website: http://www.crc.ie/
  2. Enable Ireland: provides services for children and their families, which cover aspects of a child’s physical, educational and social development from early infancy through to adolescence. Enable Ireland also provides services for adults, website: http://www.enableireland.ie/
  3. Offaly Centre for Independent Living.
  4. The CARA Adapted Physical Activity Centre works at a strategic level to influence and support the policies and programmes of agencies involved in the provision of sport, physical activity and physical education for people with disabilities. It is a join initiative between the Irish Sports Council and IT Tralee: http://caraapacentre.ie.
  5. Assistive Technology Overview:
    Click here for an overview of assitive technology
  6. The PDST Technology in Education has a section on technology and special needs
    Click here for the PDST Technology in Education Website
  7. CHASA: Children's Hemiplegia & Stroke Association (US); support for children with Hemiplegia, Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, Infant Stroke or Childhood Stroke, website: http://www.chasa.org/