Contemporary Applied Behaviour Analysis (C-ABA) 5 Days

Start Date End Date Location Booking Deadline Fully Booked
17/01/2017 14/03/2017 Wexford Education Centre 17/01/2017 No

Summary Description 

The 5-day SESS Contemporary Applied Behaviour Analysis (C-ABA) course is designed to teach the skills necessary for the design, implementation, and evaluation of behaviour management programmes for use with individuals with mild, moderate, or intensive needs in a variety of settings. Behaviour management programmes focus on both the elimination of problem behaviours, and the acquisition and maintenance of replacement skills.



Participants will learn to

  • Apply  behavioural terminology correctly to specific behavioural episodes
  • Collect data using appropriate technologies and procedures
  • Chart data correctly using Excel
  • Evaluate effectiveness of interventions using charts of data
  • Select appropriate interventions based on characteristics of behaviour and research support.
  • Identify functions of behaviour and match interventions to functions.
  • Construct task analyses for academic and social behaviours
  • Conduct a personal behaviour change project in its entirety
  • Conduct at least two behaviour change projects in field placement, one academic and one social.
  • Read charts of data using reversal, multiple baseline, changing criterion, and multi-element research designs and explain their logic 


Course Outline and Content

  • Defining Behaviour
  • Behaviour data collection
  • Increasing and Maintaining Desirable Behaviours
  • Reducing and Replacing Inappropriate Behaviours Positively
  • Understanding Effects of Punishment.
  • Shaping and Chaining Academic and Social Behaviours
  • Identifying Functions of Behaviour
  • Prompts, Fading Prompts Stimulus Control
  • Maintenance and Generalisation of appropriate Behaviours
  • Self-Management  Strategies

An SESS Certificate of Completion is available to teachers who attend all 5 days of the course and complete the three assignments as outlined below.

As part of the learning on this course, participants get the opportunity to experiment with changing one of their own behaviours and reflecting on this (self-management assignment).  Also, participants complete two behaviour change assignments (a student skill-acquisition assignment and a student behaviour management assignment) with children in their caseloads.  These assignments are very clearly described in the course with models provided. Only the self-management assignment is completed during the time frame of the course.   The remaining two projects can be completed at a future date.


The course is open to

  • Teachers working in classes for student(s) with Autism in a mainstream setting
  • Teachers in special schools who are currently working with student(s) with Autism
  • Full-time Resource/Learning Support teachers who are currently working with student(s) with Autism

Information for Applicants

Participants will require permission from the Board of Management to attend. Typically, substitution for this seminar will only be allowed to classroom teachers with primary responsibility for students with a special educational need and if it is deemed absolutely essential by the Principal. Typically substitution will only be allocated to non - substitute teachers. Payment  is not available to teachers in a substitute capacity

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Registration: 8.45 AM

Start: 9.15 AM

Finish: 3.30 PM