Lámh Module One: Add-on Workshop, Primary & Post Primary

Post-Primary Autism Courses
Date Venue
21st April 2020 Dublin West Education Centre
22nd April 2020 Cork Education Support Centre
27th April 2020 Carrick on Shannon Education Centre
28th April 2020 Clare Education Centre
Registration: 8.45 AM
Seminar begins: 9.15 AM
Seminar concludes : 3.30 PM

Please note applicants must previously have completed a LAMH Module One course in order to be eligible to apply for the LAMH Module One Add-On course.


Course Description

The course is provided by the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) in conjunction with registered Lámh tutors.

The Module One Add-On Workshop for Communication Partners of Children using Lámh was developed in early 2014.


  • It is very useful for those who want more signs and more information about Lámh
  • It is also useful for those who did a Module One course some time ago, but who have not been using Lámh in recent times – as there is an opportunity to practise Module One signs at the start of the Workshop.


Anticipated Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Be able to use the 100+ signs from the Module One Book
  • Use Lámh as an effective communication tool
  • Be enabled to encourage Lámh use
  • Participate effectively in an established Lámh environment


Course Outline and Content

  • Become more familiar with 100 signs and provides practical opportunities for teachers to use Lámh. 
  • Use toys and games to encourage Lámh use and be provided with additional Lámh signs for use with children.
  • Information on research about using sign with younger children, school-age children and children with Autsim.


Information for Applicants

The course is open to

  • Teachers currently working with Lámh users and who have completed a Level one Lámh course

  • Participants will require permission from the Board of Management to attend. Typically, substitution for this seminar will only be allowed to classroom teachers with primary responsibility for students with a special educational need and if it is deemed absolutely essential by the Principal

  • Typically substitution will only be allocated to non - substitute teachers
  • Payment is not available to teachers in a substitute capacity


Refreshments and lunch will be provided.