Note please: This page contains some Circulars issued by the DES which may be of use to teachers of pupils with Special Educational Needs. Readers should be aware that Circulars may go out of date or be superseded.
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Note Title Document
Circular 0045/2019 Primary Language Curriculum/Curaclam Teanga na Bunscoile Stages 1–4 (junior infants to sixth class) Support and Implementation
Circular 0052/2019 Exemption from the Study of Irish (Primary Schools)
Circular 0053/2019 Exemption from the Study of Irish ( Post-Primary Schools )
Circular 0058/2019 Advice on the use of assessment instruments/tests for Guidance or for additional and special educational needs (SEN) in post-primary schools
Circular 15/2017 Arrangements for the Implementation of the Framework for Junior Cycle with particular reference to school years 2017/18 and 2018/19
Circular 14/2017 Special Education Teaching Allocation - Post Primary - Circular 0014/2017
Circular 0013/2017 Special Education Teaching Allocation [Primary Schools]
Ciorcalán 04/2017 Clár Teastais/Dioplóma Iarchéime um Fhorbairt Ghairmiúil Leantach do Mhúinteoirí ag obair le Scoláirí le Riachtanais Speisialta Oideachais (Neamhoird ar an Speictream Uathaigh)
Ciorcalán 03/2017 Teastas Iarchéime in Oideachas Scoláirí ar an Speictream Uathaigh (SU) le haghaidh múinteoirí atá ag obair le Scoláirí ar an SU i Scoileanna Speisialta, i Ranganna Speisialta nó mar Mhúinteoirí Acmhainne i mBunscoileanna agus in Iar-Bhunscoileanna príomhs
Ciorcalán 02/2017 Comhchlár Dioplóma Iarchéime um Fhorbairt Ghairmiúil Leantach do Mhúinteoirí atá ag obair i dTacaíocht Foghlama agus Oideachas Speisialta
Circular 0061/2015 Primary Language Curriculum [INFANTS TO SECOND CLASS]
Circular 42/2015 Implementation of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy (2011-2020)
Circular 0027/2015 Information in relation to Actions under the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, Standardised Testing, Reporting, Library Support and Other Matters
Circular 030/2014 The Special Needs Assistant (SNA) scheme to support teachers in meeting the care needs of some children with special educational needs, arising from a disability
Circular 045 /2013 Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools
Circular 0010/2013 Scheme of grants towards the purchase of essential assistive technology equipment for pupils with physical or communicative disabilities
Circular 0018/2012 Supporting Assessment: Standardised Testing in Primary Schools
Circular 0071/2011 Public Service (Croke Park) Agreement - Special Needs Assistants
Circular 0056/2011 Initial Steps In The Implementation Of The National Literacy And Numeracy Strategy
Circular 0051/2007 Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs (EPSEN) Act 2004 and Disability Act 2005
Circular 0038/2007 Criteria for Enrolment in Special Classes for Pupils with Specific Speech and Language Disorder
Circular 0138/2006 Supporting Assessment in Primary Schools
Circular 0135/2006 Payment of an allowance to recognised Post-Primary Teachers who hold a Graduate/ Higher Diploma in Special Educational Needs
Circular Prim 21/05 Payment of an allowance to recognised Teachers who hold a Graduate/ Higher Diploma In Special Educational Needs.
Circular M14/05 Revised scheme of grants towards the purchase of equipment for pupils with a disability - Second Level Schools
Circular PPT 06/04 Appointment of Teachers to cater for Students with Special Educational Needs (Second Level)
Circular 32/03 Retention of Pupils in Same Grade in Primary Schools
Circular 03/03 Appointment Procedures for Special Needs Assistants - Primary
Circular 01/03 Brief Absences of Special Needs Assistants
Circular 08/02 Note for Professionals in relation to 08/02
Circular 08/02 Assessment form for Professionals to complete
Circular SP.ED 07/02 Applications for and role of the Special Needs Assistant
Circular 25/00 Recognition of Teacher Qualifications for the Purpose of Teaching in National Schools
Circular 09/99 Applications for special classes for children with disabilities
Circular 20/90 Guidelines Towards a Policy for School Behaviour and Discipline