Special Education Support Service: 'SIGNPOSTS'

Signposts Cover SheetThe SESS published 'Signposts' in order to outline how differing categories of special educational need can affect teaching and learning. It also offered tips for teaching, along with additional resources and references.

Copies of the publication were sent to each school but, because of demand, the individual chapters are made available below in PDF format.

Categorising the complex and diverse nature of disability in this form is not intended to equate individuals with disability labels. Rather, these categories act as signposts that enable teachers to negotiate the social, psychological and biological factors that affect each individual pupil’s learning and unique needs. The strategies outlined are not exclusive to any category, or indeed to special educational needs, and should be used in conjunction with a number of key publications:

Sections of 'Signposts'

The complete document is also available in PDF format
Click here to download the complete document [PDF - 26.9MB]