Note Title Document
2014 Preventing School Bullying of Children with Special Educational Needs or Disability
2014 RSE Policy Guidelines
2012 An Evaluation of the Special Education Supports Service (SESS), by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
2001 Appendices of the Report of the Task Force on Autism
2001 Report of the Task Force on Dyslexia
1999 School Transport for Children with Special Needs
2000 Learning Support Guidelines
2001 Report of the Task Force on Autism
2002 Standards and Criteria for Children Detention Schools
2003 Summary of DES Initiatives to help Alleviate Educational Disadvantage
2003 Schools and the Equal Status Act 2000
2003 DES Annual Report 2002
2003 Schools Make The Difference, How Schools Can Make a Difference in European Year of People with Disabilities 2003
2005 An Evaluation of Special Classes for Pupils with Specific Speech and Language Disorder
2006 School Matters: The Report of the Task Force on Student Behaviour in Second Level Schools
2006 An Evaluation of Educational Provision for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
2007 Inclusion of Students with Special Educational Needs: Post-Primary Guidelines