AAO Assistant Advisory Officer (NI)

AT Assistive Technology

ABE Adult Basic Education

BDA British Dyslexia Association (UK)

BE Bachelor of Education

BELB Belfast Education and Library Board (NI)

BPS British Psychological Society (UK)

CAO Central Applications Office (I)

CASS Curriculum Advisory and Support Service (NI)

DADS Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Support (NI)

DAI Dyslexia Association of Ireland (I)

DASE Diploma in Advance Study of Education (NI)

DE Department of Education (NI)

DECP Division of Educational and Child Psychology (NI)

DEL Department of Employment and Learning (NI)

DES Department of Education and Science (I)

DEST Dyslexia Early Screening Test

DSA Disabled Students Allowance (NI)

ECHR European Convention on Human Rights

ELB Education and Library Board (NI)

EP Educational Psychologist

EPS Educational Psychology Services (NI)

FÁS (Foras Áiseanna Saothar) – Training and Employment Authority (I)

FE Further Education

FTE Full Time Equivalent (NI)

HE Higher Education

HDE Higher Diploma in Education (I)

IATSE Irish Association of Teachers of Special Education (I)

ICT Information and Communication Technology

IEP Individual Education Plan

ILSA Irish Learning Support Association (I)

IPLP Individual Profile and Learning Programme (I)

INSET Inservice Education of Teachers (NI)

IQ Intelligence Quotient

ICT Information and Computer Technology

ITE Initial Teacher Education

LMS Local Management of Schools (NI)

LTSS Literacy Training Support Service (NI)

MA Master of Arts

MAEP Master of Arts in Educational Psychology

MEd Master of Education

MLA Member of the Legislative Assembly (NI)

NALA National Adult Literacy Agency (I)

NPC National Parents Council (I)

NASEN National Association for Special Educational Needs (UK)

NCTE National Centre for Technology in Education (I)

NEELB North Eastern Education and Library Board (NI)

NEPS National Educational Psychological Services (I)

NIDA Northern Ireland Dyslexia Association (NI)

NITEC Northern Ireland Teacher Education Committee (NI)

PGCE Post Graduate Certificate in Education (UK)

PSI Psychological Society of Ireland (I)

RA Reading Age

RSA Royal Society of Arts (UK)

SEELB South Eastern Education and Library Board (NI)

SELB Southern Education and Library Board (NI)

SEN Special Educational Needs

SENCO Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (UK)

SENT Special Educational Needs Tribunal (NI)

SNO Special Needs Organiser (I)

T&EA Training and Employment Agency (NI)

UCAS University Central Admissions System (UK)

UN United Nations

UNCRC United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

VEC Vocational Education Committee (I)

WE Western Education and Library Board (NI)

WISC Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children

WORD Wechsler Objective Reading Dimensions