Always do your homework. Do it as well as you can. You will learn as you do your homework.  It will help you study.

  • Ask for help when you need it. Sometimes your parents, older brothers or sisters or friends can help.
  • The first part of your homework time should be spent thinking about what happened in class that day. Look at your time table and think about each class one at a time. Ask yourself, “What did we do today in that class today? What did I learn? What did the teacher say was important to know? What did I not understand that I need to know?”
  • Spend time looking over what you wrote in each class. Read over your notes. Re-write any notes you can not read. Get help with the spelling.
  • Then think about your homework. What is the homework for that class? What is the teacher asking me to do?
  • Start with a subject that you like. Take turns with your subjects. Do an easy one, then a hard one, then an easy one. Do a language subject, then a maths or science one.
  • Take short breaks between subjects.
  • Keep track of how much time it takes you to do each homework. Tell the teacher how much time you spent.
  • Even if you cannot do much of your homework, let the teacher know you tried. Talk to the teacher before class starts. Tell your teacher why you could not do it and show your teacher how you tried to do it.


Talk to you teacher about how you do your homework. If you think it would help, ask questions like:

  • Can I tape record this homework instead of writing it?
  • Do I have to write out the questions too?
  • Can I use a computer to help me write and spell?
  • Is it all right if someone checks my spelling before I hand it in?
  • Can I have some more time to do it?