Teaching Materials

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of teaching materials, nor is it intended to be a recommended list of teaching materials

1.      Phonological Skills

2.      Multi-sensory Reading Programmes

3.      Books on Teaching

4.      Handwriting

5.      Spelling

6.      Expressive Writing

7.      Mechanics of Writing

8.      Mathematics

9.      Mind Maps


1.      Some Resources for Training Phonological Skills:

  • A Basic Guide to Understanding, Assessing and Teaching Phonological Awareness - Torgesen and Mathes (2000) Austin, TX: PRO-ED.
  • Earobics (CD-ROM)  - Wasowicz (1997)  Evanston, Il: Cognitive Concepts
  • Funics: A Fun way to Phonological Awareness - Ford and Tottman. (1999) Staffs, UK: Crossbow Education 
  • Just for Me! Phonological Awareness - Warner.   (1999) East Moline, Il: LinguiSystems 
  • Launch into Reading Success (through Phonological Awareness Training) – Ottley and Bennett. (1997) The PsychologicaI Corporation.

·        (LiPS)  Lindamood Sequencing Program for Reading, Spelling and Speech – Lindamood and Lindamood (1998) PRO-ED, Austin, TX.

·        Phonemic Awareness Activities for Early Reading Success – Blevins (1997) Jefferson City, MO: Scholastic Professional Books.

·        Phonemic Awareness in Young Children: A Classroom Curriculum - Adams et al (1997) Baltimore: Paul H. Brooks Publishing Co.

·        Phonics from A to Z: A Practical Guide (1998) Jefferson City, MO: Scholastic Professional Books

·        Phonological Awareness Handbook for Kindergarten and Primary teachers – Ericson and Fraser-Juliebo (1998) Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

·        Phonological Awareness Kit  - Robertson and Salter (1995) East Moline, Il: LinguiSystems Inc. (5 -8 years olds)

·        Phonological Awareness Procedures – Gorrie and Parkinson (1995) Stass / Wisbech, Cambs: LDA

·        Phonological Awareness Training: A New Approach to Phonics – Wilson (1993) University College, London: Educational Psychologists’ Publishing,

(Levels 1- 3 for 7 – 15 year olds+ PAT – Learning to Read with Nursery Rhymes)

·        Phonological Awareness Training for Reading – Torgesen and Bryant (1994) Austin, TX: PRO-ED

·        Rhyme and Analogy – Kirtley (1995) Oxford: Oxford University Press (part of Oxford Reading Tree scheme for 4 – 7 year olds)

·         Road to the Code: A Phonological Awareness Program for Young Children  - Blachman, Ball, Black and Tangel (2000) Baltimore: Paul H. Brooks Publishing Co.

·        Sound Beginnings –Phonological Awareness Training Pack – Goss and Garrett (for Keystage One) Wisbech, Cambs: LDA

·        Sound Linkage – An Integrated Programme for Overcoming Reading Difficulties 2nd edition – Hatcher (2000) London: Whurr.

·        Sound Practice – Phonological Awareness in the Classroom 2nd Edition Layton and Deery (2002); London: David Fulton.

·        Sound Wizard: Strategy-Building Games for Phonological Awareness - Lenchner (2001) USA: Thinking Publications

·        Sounds Abound Program: Teaching Phonological Skills in the Classroom - Lechner and Podhajski (1998) East Moline, Il: LinguiSystems Inc.

·        Sounds Abound: Listening, Rhyming and Reading – Catts and Vartiainen (1993) East Moline, Il: LinguiSystems Inc. (also Sounds Abound game,1996)

·        Sounds Abound: Multisensory Phonological Awareness - Teachworthy (2001) East Moline, Il: Linguisystems 

·        Sourcebook of Phonological Awareness Training: Children’s Class Literature – Goldsworthy (1998) San Diego: Singular Publishing.

2. Some Resources for Teaching Reading - Multisensory programmes:

·    Active Literacy Kit: Essential Foundations for Literacy – Bramley (1999) Wisbech, Cambs: LDA (and Dyslexia Institute)

·    Alpha to Omega – Hornsby et al, 5th ed. (1974-99) London: Heinemann (also Before Alpha, A Walkthrough Guide to Alpha to Omega, four activity books and set of 300 flashcards)

·    Bangor Dyslexia Teaching System 3rd Edition – Miles (1997) London: Whurr

Dyslexia: The Bangor Way - 2nd Edition – Cooke (2002) London: Whurr

  • Beat Dyslexia - Stone et al Wisbech, Cambs: LDA (6 activity packs- incl. worksheets, tapes & cards)

  • DIY Readers’ Support Pack for Parents – The Dyslexia Institute. Multi-Sensory Learning Ltd.   Northamptonshire, UK: MSL Ltd
  • Dragonfly Worksheets: Supporting Dyslexic Pupils 7-14 Across the Curriculum - Raymond (2001)  London: David Fulton Publishers.
  • Hickey Multisensory Language Course 3rd Edition  –  Combley, ed. (2001) London: Whurr.
  • Helping Your Dyslexic Child: A Step-By-Side Program for Helping Your Child Improve Reading, Writing, Spelling, Comprehension and Self-Esteem - Cronin (1997) Roseville, CA: Prima Publishing.
  • Jordan Prescriptive/Tutorial Reading Program –  Jordan (1989) (incl. Screening tests, manual, 75 lessons, flash cards, worksheets & workbook (all ages) Austin, TX:  PRO-ED
  • Lexia Phonic Based Reading (interactive reading software for 5 – 9 year olds). Lincoln, MA: Lexia Learning Systems Inc     
  • Lexia Reading S.O.S. (interactive reading software for 9 year olds - adults) Lincoln, MA: Lexia Learning Systems Inc.
  • Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program for Reading, Spelling and Speech (LiPS) - Lindamood, P. and Lindamood, P.  San Luis Obispo, CA: Gander Publishing.
  • MSL Structured Literacy Programme – Multi-Sensory Learning Ltd. Northamptonshire, UK: MSL.
  • A Multi Sensory Teaching System (1999) - Smith (UK edition - Johnson, Phillips and Peer. Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Overcoming Reading Problems at Any Level (2003) - Sally Shaywitz. New York: Knopf

·        Star Track Reading and Spelling – Beadle, C. and J. Hampshire (1997) London The Psychological Corporation.

·        Teaching Reading and Spelling to Dyslexic Children: Getting  to Grips with Words - Walton (1998) London: David Fulton

·        THRASS (Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills) Chester, UK: THRASS

·        Toe by Toe: A Highly Structured Reading Manual for Teachers and Parents

     Cowling & Cowling (1993, 1997) West Yorkshire: Keda Publications.

·        Units of Sound  (3 stages)Bramley (1992) Wisbech, Cambs: LDA & Dyslexia Institute (incl. tapes, books & manual; available on CD-Rom) (stage 1: RA 6-8; stage 2:  RA 8-10; stage 3: RA 10-12

·        Units of Sound: Developing Literacy for Study and Work (software for ages 11 – adult)Bramley ;  Wisbech, Cambs: LDA (and Dyslexia Institute)

·        Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking – Bell. San Luis Obispo, CA: Gander Publishing.

3. Some Support Materials and Books on Teaching:

·        Aston Portfolio – Aubrey et al  (1982) Wisbech, Cambs: LDA (linked to Aston Index and includes assessment checklist, handbook and teaching ideas)

·        Learning Can Be Fun: Games and Exercises to Support Structured Language Programmes – Briggs, S. (Introductory book: Phonological awareness; Book 1: Alphabetic sequencing; Book 2: Syllable Division for Word Attack)

·        Day to Day Dyslexia in the Classroom – Pollock & Waller (1994) London: Routledge.

·        Dyslexia: A Practitioner’s Handbook (3rd edition) – Reid (2003) Chichester: Wiley & Sons.

·        Dyslexia: A Teaching Handbook – Thomson and Watkins (1999) (2nd edition) London: Whurr.

·        Edith Norrie Letter Case – Norrie (1960) Farnham, Surrey: Arkell Dyslexia Centre.

·        Language Development: Circle Time Sessions to Improve Communication Skills – Nash (2002) London: David Fulton Publishers

·        Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia): A Teacher’s Guide – Crombie (1996) Belford, Northumberland: Ann Arbor Publications.

·        Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia): A Resource Book for Parents and Teachers – Lannen, Reid and Lannen (1997) St. Anne’s on Sea, Lancashire: Red Rose Publications.

·        Stile Dyslexia 8 books (age 8+) – Wisbech, Cambs: LDA

·        Wordbuilding Box (alphabet) and Wooden Digraphs & Trigraphs.  Wisbech, Cambs: LDA

4. Some Resources for Teaching Handwriting:

·        Eye-Hand Integration Exercises. Grand Rapids, MI: McGraw-Hill.

·        Getting Started: Fine Motor Skills. Leeds: AMS Educational.

·        Grippies – pencil grips in packs of 10 or 100 – Wisbech, Cambs: LDA.

·        Handwriting: A Teacher’s Guide - Taylor. (2001) London: David Fulton Publishers.

·        Handwriting – A Second Chance.  Wisbech, Cambs: LDA.

·        Handwriting for Windows (software to produce worksheets & resources Wisbech, Cambs: LDA .

·        Helping Left-Handed Children to Enjoy Handwriting – Fagg. London: Anything Left-Handed Ltd.

·        Line Guides for Handwriting. Leeds: AMS Educational

·        Pre-Writing Matters. Nuneaton, UK: Prim-Ed Publishers

·        Rol ‘n’ Write Alphabet & Ro’n’Write Activities Worksheet Book. Wisbech, Cambs: LDA.

·        The Handwriting Rescue Kit. – Multi-Sensory Learning Ltd.   Northamptonshire, UK: MSL Ltd.

·        The Practical Guide to Children’s Handwriting - Sassoon London: Thames & Hudson.

·        The Left-Hander’s Handbook - Paul (1998) Stourbridge, West Midlands: Robinswood Press.

·        Tracking Association Cards. Grand Rapids, MI: McGraw-Hill.

·        Write Away Andover, Hants, UK: Philip and Tacey Ltd.

·        Writing Left-Handed – Alston (1990) Manchester: Centre for Left-Handed Studies.

5. Some Resources for Teaching Spelling:

·        A Hand for Spelling (9 books) –Cripps. Wisbech, Cambs: LDA.

·        ACE Spelling Dictionary, ACE Spelling Activities and ACE Spelling Bank;. Wisbech, Cambs: LDA.

·        Active Literacy Kit Spelling Completion Sets - Bramley; Wisbech, Cambs: LDA & Dyslexia Institute.

·        Catchwords - Cripps; Harcourt, New York: Harcourt, Brace & Janovich.

·        Corrective Spelling Through Morphographs. Grand Rapids, MI: McGraw-Hill.

·        Guide to Better Spelling – Burt. (1991, 2nd Edition) Philadelphia: Trans-Atlantic Publications

·        Helping Children with Reading and Spelling Difficulties - Reason and Boote (1994) London: Routledge.

·        Improving Children’s Spelling - Culligan (1997) Dublin: Culligan.

·        My Spelling Workbook Nuneaton, UK: Prim-Ed Publishers

·        Put It Right. Baldock, Hertfordshire: Egon,

·        Remedial Spelling – Brand Baldock, Hertfordshire: Egon

·        Signposts to Spelling - Pollock (1980) London: Heinemann.

·        Solving Language Difficulties: Remedial Routines - Steere et al (1996) Cambridge, MA: Educational Publishing Services.

·        Spelling and Phonics - Washtell & Laycock. Southam, Leamington Spa: Scholastic.

·        Spellbound – Rak. Cambridge, MA: Educators Publishing Service.

·        Spelling Made Easy – Brand. Baldock, Hertfordshire:  Egon

·        Spelling Mastery. Grand Rapids, MI: McGraw-Hill.

·        Spelling: Remedial Strategies – Montgomery. London: Cassell Educational

·        Spelling Workbooks 1 – 3 – Wood. London: Hodder & Stoughton.

·        The Stile Spelling Programme. Wisbech, Cambs: LDA.

·        Unscrambling Spelling - Klein and Millar. London: Hodder & Stoughton.

·        The Word Wasp: A Manual for Teaching the Rules and Structure of Spelling Cowling (2000) West Yorkshire: Keda Publications.

6. Some Resources for Teaching Expressive Writing:

·        Expressive Writing. Grand Rapids, MI: McGraw-Hill.

·        Reasons for Writing. Oxford: Ginn.

·        Story Strips. NES London: Hodder-Arnold.

·        The Paragraph Book series. Cambridge, MA: Educators Publishing Service.

·        When They Can’t Write (2nd Ed.) - Morgan, C. G. (2001) (manual plus 2 photocopiable practice books) Timonium, MD: York Press. 

·        Write Creatively. Nuneaton, UK: Prim-Ed Publishers. 

·        Write on Themes. Leeds: AMS Educational

·        Writers at Work. Grand Rapids, MI: McGraw-Hill.

·        Writing Frames - Lewis and Wray. University of Reading: Reading and Language Information Centre.

7. Some Resources for Teaching the Mechanics of Writing:

·        Make No Mistake – Richards. Andover, Hants, UK: Philip and Tacey Ltd.

·        Multisensory Grammar and Written Composition – Carreker (1993)

      Houston, TX : S. S. Systems

·        Smudge and Chewpen - Groves and Grimshaw. London: Hodder.

·        Sort It Out with Smudge and Chewpen - Groves and Grimshaw. London:  Hodder.

8. Some Resources for Teaching Mathematics:

Bell, N. and K. Tuley On Cloud Nine: Visualizing and Verbalizing for Math. San Luis Obispo, CA: Gander Publishing.

Bley, N. S. and C. A. Thornton (2000) Teaching Mathematics to Students with Learning Disabilities (4th edition). Austin, TX: PRO-ED.

Chinn, S. J. (1998) Diagnostic Inventory of Basic Skills and Learning Styles in Mathematics. London: The Psychological Corporation.

Chinn, S. J. and R. J. Ashcroft (1998) Mathematics for Dyslexics: A Teaching Handbook (2nd edition). London: Whurr.

Chinn, S. J. (1998) Sum Hope: Breaking the Numbers Barrier. Souvenir Press

Chinn, S. J. (1999) What to Do When You Can’t Add and Subtract. Herts: Egon.

Chinn, S. J. (1996) What to Do When You Can’t Learn the Times Tables. Herts: Egon. (available on CD-ROM)

El-Nagger (1996) Specific Learning Difficulties in Mathematics: A Classroom Approach. Staffordshire: NASEN.

Henderson, A. (1998) Maths for the Dyslexic: A Practical Guide. London: David Fulton Publishers.

Henderson, A. and E. Miles (2001) Basic Topics in Mathematics for Dyslexics. London: Whurr.

Miles, T. R. and E. Miles (1991) Dyslexia and Mathematics. London: Routledge.

Multi-Sensory Learning Ltd. Maths and Dyslexia. Northamptonshire, UK: MSL Ltd.

Poustie, J. (2002) An Introduction to Mathematics and Language. Next Generation

Rivera, D. P. (Ed.) (1998) Mathematics Education for Students with Learning

Disabilities. Austin, TX: PRO-ED.

Yeo, D. (2002) Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Mathematics. London: Whurr.

10.  Mind Maps

All the following plus other titles are available from Buzan Centres, 54 Parkstone Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 2PX, UK.

Buzan, T. The Mind Map Book

Israel, L. and Buzan, T. Brain Power for Kids

North, V. and Buzan, T. Get Ahead: Mind Map Your Way to Success

Israel, L. Learning with Lana – Mind Mapping (step-by-step guide with 2 demonstration videos)

Mind Maps Plus (software)