Using Computers and Tape Recorders

Ann's story

Ann is 14 years old. She was having a hard time in school. She tried to do well but she had some problems. There were many words in her school books that she could not read. She needed her mother to read them to her. She studied at night but seemed to forget it by the next day. Ann found writing hard too. She knew what she wanted to say but could not seem to get it down on paper. There were many words that she could not spell.

Now Ann’s school lets her use a laptop computer.  Ann uses the laptop in most of her classes.  She uses software that reads out loud what she has written and helps her with spelling.  Ann also uses software that reads her school books to her. She does not have to ask her mother for help. She is also making mind maps using the computer. Mind maps help her remember things because everything is in pictures instead of words. Now she is doing much better in school!

A computer can be a helpful tool for you.

·        A computer can make it easier for you to do some of your school work.

·        A computer can help you with reading, writing, maths and studying.

·        A computer lets you have more control of your own learning.

·        A computer lets you be more independent.


Here are some ways that computers and tape recorders could help you:

·        A laptop computer is easy to carry around. It can help you in your classes and at home.

·        It can help if you use software that lets you present your work with pictures, sounds, and videos as well as words.

·        You can write and rework your papers with writing tools that read things out loud or spell words for you.

·        A computer can read your books or worksheets to you.

·        You can make mind maps with a computer. Mind maps can help you if you think in pictures instead of words. They can help you plan and get started on a project or paper. They can also help you study and remember information.   

·        A computer can be used to make a form or outline. These can make it easier to write reports, take notes or read chapters.

·        Make timelines, schedules, calendars and to-do lists using a computer to help you plan and organise your work. Special software is available to make this task easier.

·        Tape recorders can also be used (with your teacher’s okay) to tape notes in class. It can be hard to listen and write at the same time. Other people could help you by putting school books on tape for you to listen to in your own time.


If you are interested in using computers:

·        Think about what things you have trouble with and why you want to use a computer.

·        Talk to your teacher, parent or guardian to see what computers and software are available. You could also look for information yourself by using the Internet.

·        Remember it may take some time for you to get used to using a computer. Don’t give up!  You may have to try different things to find what works best for you. After all, everyone is different.