What are assessment tests?

Assessment tests can assist the teacher in identifying areas of learning difficulty, in measuring and recording attainment, in measuring pupil progress and in indicating intervention measures. Assessment can be formative or summative and can be for screening or diagnostic purposes.

Tests should be used judiciously as their interpretation may require professional special needs insight.

Further information on assessment can be viewed on the website of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA)..

Where can I obtain information on specific assessment tests?

Information relating to many reading, language, spelling, auditory perception and language tests can be accessed in the relevant area on the SESS website. Some current suppliers are also listed.

Where can I find explanations of the terms used in assessment tests?

Brief explanations of some of the terminology associated with assessment tests (PDF - 91 KB) are provided on the SESS website.

A list of SENOs and the geographical areas they cover (PDF - 135 KB) is available here