Leading an Inclusive School, Primary Principals, Deputies and SEN Coordinators

Start Date End Date Location Booking Deadline Fully Booked
10/01/2019 10/01/2019 Carrick on Shannon Education Centre 09/01/2019 No
Registration: 8.45 AM
Seminar begins: 9.15 AM
Seminar concludes : 3.15 PM

Course Description

The  purpose of this seminar is to provide guidance to Primary school leaders on the use, organisation and deployment of additional teaching resources for pupils with special educational needs. This guidance is provided in the context of the revised model for allocating special education teaching resources which was introduced by the Department of Education and Skills in September 2017..


Anticipated Outcomes

Participants will:

  • To support Principals, Deputy Principals and SEN Coordinators in leading an inclusive school
  • To share information about planning, roles and responsibilities
  • To provide models of provision and effective leadership
  • To describe the three-step process of identifying pupil’s needs, monitoring, reviewing and reporting progress


Course Overview / Content

  • Leadership and management in the context of inclusion
  • Planning, roles and responsibilities
  • Models of provision and effective leadership
  • The three-step process of; identifying pupil's needs, monitoring, reviewing and reporting progress


Information for Applicants

The course is open to

  • Course is open to Principals, Deputy Principals and SEN Coordinators of mainstream primary schools
  • Participants will require permission from the Board of Management to attend. Typically, substitution for this seminar will only be allowed to subject teachers with primary responsibility for students with a special educational need and if it is deemed absolutely essential by the Principal
  • Typically substitution will only be allocated to non - substitute teachers
  • Payment is not available to teachers in a substitute capacity


Refreshments and lunch will be provided.