Strategies for Learning and Teaching

(The following approaches, in addition to the tips for learning and teaching outlined in relation to students who are exceptionally able, may be of help in supporting/challenging the student. Sometimes a combination of these approaches may be needed. It is important to note that the implications for learning and teaching associated with the student’s additional disability should also be accommodated.)

  • Create a learning environment where individual differences are valued.
  • Consideration should be given to these students in situations they find challenging. This should include time factors and the possibility of reading questions aloud to these students.
  • Set short-term goals rather than longer projects.
  • Teachers should find topics that the students are interested in to enhance students’ on-task engagement.
  • Use tips for learning and teaching outlined in the section for exceptionally able students (pages 81–83), keeping in mind the implications of accommodating the student’s additional disability.

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