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This webcast is for all Primary-level teachers who are working with students with an assessment of Dyslexia or those exhibiting indicators of Dyslexia. The webcast aims to:

  • outline a definition of dyslexia and its impact on learning and teaching
  • enable participants to recognise the indicators of Dyslexia
  • describe the role of memory in learning and outline strategies to support students with ‘memory’ difficulties
  • provide an overview of practical strategies, methodologies and appropriate interventions to assist teachers in meeting the needs of students with dyslexia.

 The webcast is in two parts:

  • Part 1: ‘An Introduction to Dyslexia: Signs and Indicators’ - 53 minutes long
  • Part 2: ‘Dyslexia: Interventions and Strategies’ - 33 minutes long.


Suggestions for Use

The webcast can be used for professional development by individual teachers, or by a group or whole-staff for CPD activities.
It can also be used in conjunction with other SESS resources on Dyslexia, including:

Part 1: ‘An Introduction to Dyslexia: Signs and Indicators

This first section examines:

  1. A definition of dyslexia
  2. Its impact on learning and teaching
  3. The signs of dyslexia with an emphasis on processing, information retrieval and memory difficulties
  4. The indicators of dyslexia across a variety of age ranges.

Part 2: ‘Dyslexia: Strategies and Interventions

This part examines:

  1. A variety of teaching interventions and practical strategies
  2. A range of teaching approaches and methodologies aimed at meeting the needs of students with dyslexia across a variety of age ranges.



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Slide 10 - Memory StrategiesMS Word 65KBPDF 262KB
Slide 36 - Story Retell MS Word 36KBPDF 361KB
Slide 42 - Spelling ‘Have-a-Go’ MS Word 47KBPDF  226KB
Slide 45 - Key Vocabulary MS Word 54KBPDF 228KB
Slide 48 - Spelling Strategies MS Word 156KBPDF 570KB
Slide 51 - Reading StrategiesMS Word 71KBPDF 273KB
Slide 56 - Homework SheetMS Word 253KBPDF  369KB
Slide 57 - Organisational SkillsMS Word 47KBPDF 259KB
Slide 58 - Strategies ChecklistMS Word 44KBPDF 288KB

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