How can schools and teachers access NCSE supports?

The NCSE Support Service aims to provide support to schools and individual teachers in as flexible a way as possible.

  • Support can be advisory, facilitative or financial in nature.
  • Professional groups or individual teachers can identify their own professional development needs in relation to the teaching of students with special educational needs and apply accordingly.
  • School management can identify Continuing Professional Development Needs (CPD) of staff in relation to the Teaching and Learning for inclusive education CPD, and contact us through the professional development application form below.

Application forms for professional development can be downloaded from the link below:

Information on NCSE designed seminars and facilitated courses can be viewed in the Courses section of the website where information on how to apply is usually provided.

If you have any other enquiries on accessing NCSE supports please send a message to However, due to the large volume of enquiries please first check if the information you require is available through our most ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

The review of applications by the NCSE takes into account the overall strategies and priorities of the NCSE, along with the need to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Other considerations include the validity of the activities for which support is being sought, whether they reflect best practice and are cost effective, and if they are in keeping with DES policy. Each month’s applications are considered collectively – usually on the first week of each month – and a further period is then needed to inform applicants of decisions or to request clarifications.

This administrative time-scale should be taken into account when submitting applications, in order to ensure there is adequate time for the application to be processed before notification of the decision is needed by the applicant. Approximately six weeks should be allowed for this.

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