Additional Resources/References

SESS Advice Sheets on Down Syndrome

The following Advice Sheets were prepared by SESS with the assistance of Fidelma Brady, former Education Officer with Down Syndrome Ireland. Click to download [all sheets are PDF, between 100 and 150 Kb]:


  1. Including Children with Down Syndrome in Early Childhood Care and Education Settings: Practical Information and Strategies. Down Syndrome Ireland (2004). Click here to download publications [PDF 7.1 MB]
  2. Including Children with Down Syndrome in Your School: Practical Information and Strategies for Primary Schools. Down Syndrome Ireland (2004).
    Click here to download publication [PDF, 6.41MB]
  3. Including Teenagers with Down Syndrome in Your School. Down Syndrome Ireland ( 2004)
    Click here to download publication [PDF, 6.21MB]
  4. Individual Educational Planning - A Case Study from SESS Cabhair Newsletter.
    Click here to download case study [PDF, 116Kb]
  5. Guidelines for Teachers of Students with General Learning Disabilities, NCCA. These guidelines offer support for the learning and teaching of pupils with mild, moderate, severe and profound general learning disabilites. The guidelines are related to subject areas at both primary and post-primary level.
  6. STRANDS - Strategies for Teachers to Respond Actively to the Needs of children with Down Syndrome is a comprehensive publication for teachers of children with Down Syndrome. It draws on current research and on the experiences of teachers working in both mainstream and special schools, providing a wealth of practical strategies and suggestions  Click here
  7. Click here for NCCA Guidelines

As part of its professional development support, the SESS also subsidises the online course 'Down Syndrome: Educating Children with Down syndrome in Mainstream Education' by ICEP Europe. Check for further information.

Web-based Resources

  1. Down Syndrome Ireland, website:
  2. Down’s Syndrome Association (UK), website:
  3. Down’s Syndrome Scotland, website:
  4. Down Syndrome Educational International, website:
  5. Creative Approaches to Teaching and to Differentiation. May be accessed from the link below:

Further Reading

 Click here for SESS Book Borrowing Library

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  2. Faragher, R., and Clarke, B. (2014) Educating Learners with Down Syndrome. London, Routledge.
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  4. Horstmeier, D. (2008) Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and Other Hands-On Learners: Book 2, Advanced Survival Skills. Bethesda, Woodbine House.
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