Teaching Exceptionally Able and Dual Exceptional Pupils Inclusively: An Introduction for Post-Primary Schools

Key Aims

The seminar is designed to assist post-primary schools in developing the learning and teaching of Exceptionally Able and Dual Exceptional students. The approaches outlined in the seminar are guided by inclusionary principles.

It is aimed that, from the seminar, teachers will:

  • Have a knowledge and understanding of the concept of Exceptional Ability and Dual Exceptionality (EA/DE)
  • Be aware of the role of assessment in identifying exceptionally able and dual exceptional pupils and their unique learning needs
  • Have an understanding of the particular social and emotional needs of pupils with EA/DE and an overview of strategies to support them
  • Understand the policy framework that underpins the inclusive education of pupils with EA/DE in Ireland
  • Have a range of differentiation teaching strategies and resources for the teaching of EA/DE pupils
  • Participate in the planning of appropriate instruction for EA/DE pupils.
Format of Course

The seminar normally takes two hours but can be adjusted to suit schools' requirements. It has three main sections which address three key questions for teachers:

  • Section 1: ‘What are we talking about?’ - What do we mean by ‘Exceptionally Able’ and ‘Dual Exceptional’?
  • Section 2: ‘How do we find out who they are and what are their needs?’ - Assessment, Identification and Needs
  • Section 3: ‘How do we teach them’ - Teaching the Exceptionally Able and Dual Exceptional

This seminar is available to schools through the SESS Supports Scheme - click below for access:

SESS Support Scheme