Achieving Curricular Targets using Digital Literacy: General Learning Disability

Key Aims

Participants will be able to plan for, and use, Apps to help students with Moderate, and Severe and Profound levels of General Learning Disability to achieve curricurlar targets.

Format of Course

The seminar initially explores what we mean by ‘Literacy’ and ‘Digital Literacy’, especially in relation to students with Moderate, and Severe and Profound GLD who are not at the level of using conventional literacy.

A 'Digital Literacy Framework and Planning Tool' is then introduced, as an aid this process.

Examples are then illustrated of how Apps may be used to achieve circular targets, using the Digital Literacy Framework and Planning Tool as an aid.

Examples of iPad accessibility options will also examined.

The seminar concludes with a short workshop which will give participants an opportunity to plan for the use of Apps in achieving curricular targets, guided by the Digital Literacy Framework and Planning Tool.

Further Information and Availability

iPads are not be provided – participants may use their own and a list of the Apps which will be used is provided below if participants wish to download some or all of these. However, having an iPad is not strictly necessary at the event.

To participate in the workshop element, participants  need a basic knowledge of how to use an iPad. Because of time constraints, the seminar does not cover technical issues relating to iPad use nor on accessibility features in any detail.

Click here for list of Apps that will be used (PDF, 712Kb)


To avail of this seminar, please request through the SESS Supports Scheme (‘In-school Support’).