Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020

Since 1998, the Department has actively pursued the integration of ICT into teaching and learning and the development of pupils' digital literacy, primarily through its ICT in Schools programme. This Programme has focused on four key areas:

  • The provision of essential ICT infrastructure within schools
  • The provision of access to broadband connectivity to schools
  • Continuous professional development for teachers in ICT
  • Integrating ICT within the curriculum and providing curriculum-relevant digital content and software.

In October 2015, the Department published The Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020 Enhancing Teaching Learning and Assessment, the next stage of the ICT in Schools programme. The Digital Strategy for Schools provides a rationale and a Government action plan for integrating ICT into teaching, learning and assessment practices in schools over the next five years.  This Strategy builds on previous strategies in the area of ICT integration and is the result of research and extensive consultation with education partners and stakeholders. The full text of the Strategy can be accessed via the link below, and further information can be found on the Digital Strategy webpage.

To support the implementation of the Digital Strategy, the NCSE has provided the following case studies which are intended to provide guidance and advice to schools on how digital technologies can be appropriately embedded in teaching, learning and assessemnt for learners with special educational needs.

Case Study 1 (coming soon)

Case Study 2 (coming soon)

Case Study 3 (coming soon)

The NCSE has also identified models of effective/highly effective practice that show good communication between schools and parents/guardians of learners with special educational needs.

Case Study 4 (coming soon)

Case Study 5 (coming soon)


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