Teaching Methods and Organisation


Team Teaching

Individualised Planning for Pupils with Special Educational Needs

  • 'Individual Education Planning: Guidelines'These guidelines contain three sections:

    A. The Individual Educational Plan – Introduction
    B. Steps involved in Individual Education Planning
    C. IEP Meetings – A Sample Format
    'Click here to download Guidelines for Individual Education Planning (MS Word, 85kb)

Planning and Administration Templates


  • Webcast: ‘The Metacognitive Teacher and Learner: An Introduction to Metacognition in the Classroom

    This webcast examines the important role which Metacognition can play in learning and teaching. It has four main sections:

  1. What metacognition is and why it is important in teaching and learning
  2. Metacognitive strategies for use by students and teachers
  3. How metacognition can benefit students with special and additional learning needs
  4. Ideas on how to implement metacognition in schools

Click here to access Webcast


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