Sensory Processing and Motor Skill Development for the Student with Autism [Primary and Post Primary]

Start Date End Date Location Booking Deadline Fully Booked
23/03/2017 - Sligo Education Centre 24/03/2017 No

Course Description


Sensory processing difficulties are prevalent in children with autism. Problems in this area may underlie or exacerbate many of the social and behavioural difficulties observed in these children. In addition, these sensory processing difficulties often cause delay and deficit in gross and fine motor skills.
The course examines the sensory processing and motor difficulties frequently associated with autism and demonstrate how these deficits impact upon learning and behaviour.

Anticipated Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Have a greater understanding of a child’s sensory processing and motor difficulties, and how these may affect behaviour and learning
  • Have an increased awareness of the sensory processing and  motor difficulties in autism
  • Be more able to adapt the school environment and tasks to suit the sensorimotor needs of the child, in order to enhance learning, play and social interactions

Course Overview / Content

  • Sensory processing difficulties associated with autism
  • The impact of sensory processing difficulties on learning and behaviour
  • Strategies to manage sensory needs in the school setting
  • Motor difficulties associated with autism and the impact on learning
  • Developing motor skills for students with autism
  • Ideas for sensory motor activities
  • The course consists of a combination of presentations, practical activities and case study discussions

Information for Applicants

  • This course is open to
  • Teachers working in classes for student(s) with Autism in a mainstream setting
  • Teachers in special schools who are currently working with student(s) with Autism
  • Full-time Resource/Learning Support teachers who are currently working with student(s) with Autism

Participants will require permission from the Board of Management to attend. Typically, substitution for this seminar will only be allowed to classroom teachers with primary responsibility for students with a special educational need and if it is deemed absolutely essential by the Principal. 
Typically substitution will only be allocated to non - substitute teachers. Payment is not available to teachers in a substitute capacity

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Registration: 8.45 AM

Start: 9.15 AM

Finish: 3.30 PM