Overview for Primary Schools

The Guidelines for Primary Schools (Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs) aim to provide guidance to schools on the use, organisation and deployment of additional teaching resources for pupils with special educational needs. This guidance is provided in the context of a revised model for allocating special education teaching resources which was introduced by the Department of Education and Skills in September 2017.

In order to ensure that planning material from within the guidelines is accessible and user ready for schools, NCSE Support Service are providing a number of documents/templates in word format:

The NCSE Support Service has prepared a downloadable toolkit (in word format) to support the implementation of the new model:

Other useful documents:

The NCSE Inclusive Education Framework is an interactive tool to be used by schools to assist schools plan, measure and improve how pupils with special educational needs are supported. This resource will help re-affirm good inclusive practices already in place in many schools and will guide other schools to develop good practice.

Information for Parents/Guardians and Students