Parental Engagement at Primary Level

Good parental engagement is a critical factor in enhancing outcomes for pupils with special educational needs. This is recognised by schools and is seen in the many good practices and initiatives they use to promote parental involvement. Parental engagement is enhanced when parents are consulted in relation to their children’s needs and strengths, on the supports and strategies being developed to support their children, and when they are involved in regular reviews of progress. The Continuum of Support process and use of the Student Support File provide valuable opportunities to engage with parents and to build a collaborative approach to identifying and responding to the needs of pupils with special educational needs. There may also be opportunities for parents to work collaboratively with the school through initiatives such as paired reading or Children and Parents Enjoying Reading (CAPER).
In addition to consultation around the individual needs of their child, parents also value receiving good information on the nature and type of the special educational needs provision available in the school. Schools should consult with parents when developing and reviewing polices relating to the education of children with special educational needs. This helps to ensure that parents understand the school’s approaches and better enables them to support their children in transitioning through the school.
Appendix 8 sets out some key questions which schools can use when reflecting on and reviewing their existing practice in promoting parental engagement.

Information on the SET Allocation Model

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