Pupil Engagement in Primary Schools

Good engagement and participation in their own education has many associated benefits for pupils. This is particularly important for pupils with special educational needs and can help enhance their academic and social and emotional outcomes.
Engagement is enhanced when schools listen to and build on pupils’ interests, aspirations and strengths when developing educational interventions. This involves actively including pupils in a shared assessment for learning process, setting shared learning objectives, and jointly reviewing progress. Pupil participation is supported through teaching that is responsive to the personal needs of the learner, and is further enhanced by structuring and pacing learning experiences that are challenging, engaging and enjoyable. The Student Support File offers a useful framework for promoting pupil engagement and participation at all stages of educational planning and review.
At the whole-school level, schools are encouraged to review their approaches to pupil engagement and participation so that all pupils, including those with special educational needs, have opportunities to share their views on issues that affect them in school, and so contribute to reviews of relevant policies and practices in schools. The resource below can be used to support pupil engagement.

My Thoughts about School (See page 97 of Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties - A continuum of support (Guidelines for Teachers) / Deacrachtaí Iompraíochta, Mothúchánacha agus Sóisialta Leanúntas Tacaíochta - Treoirlínte do Mhúinteoirí