Teacher Reflection

These Reflection Checklists for teachers can provide direction for reflective practice and may assist in the school self-evaluation process. They have been created from content taken from the NCCA 'Guidelines for Teaching Students with General Learning Disability'.

Checklists can be modified to suit teachers and schools reflective and self-evaluation processes.



Communication and Language Checklists

Mathematics Checklists

    SPHE Checklists

P.E. Checklists     

  1. Clarity of Adult Communication [MS Word, 77 Kb]
  2. Supporting Student Learning [MS Word, 78 Kb]
  3. Creating a Communication Friendly School [MS Word, 78 Kb]
  4. Creating a Communication Friendly Classroom [MS Word, 78 Kb]
  5. Considerations for Whole School Planning in Communication and Language [MS Word, 78 Kb]
  6. Creating a Responsive Writing Environment [MS Word, 78 Kb]
  7. Literacy Material [MS Word, 78 Kb]
  8. Improving Communication [MS Word, 78 Kb]
  9. Creating Worksheets [MS Word, 78 Kb]
  1. Assessing: Early Mathematical Ability (MS Word 78 Kb)
  2. Assessing: Number (MS Word 80 KB)
  3. Assessing: Pattern and Sequence (MS Word 78 Kb)
  4. Assessing: Spatial Awareness (MS Word 77 Kb)
  5. Assessing: Shape (MS Word 78 Kb)
  6. Assessing: Measures – Length (MS Word 77 Kb)
  7. Assessing: Measures – Weight (MS Word 77 Kb)
  8. Assessing: Measures – Capacity (MS Word 77 Kb)
  9. Assessing: Measures – Time (MS Word 78 Kb)
  10. Assessing: Measures – Money (MS Word 77 Kb)
  11. Assessing: Data – Collecting and Processing (MS Word 77 Kb)
  12. Assessing: Data – Representing and Interpreting (MS Word 77Kb)
  13. General Teaching Strategies (MS Word 78 Kb)
  14. Informal Observation MGLD (MS Word 79 Kb)
  15. Planning Considerations MGLD(MS Word 77 Kb)
  16. Using Worksheets and Textbooks (MS Word 81 Kb)
  17. Creating a Mathematics Friendly Environment (MS Word 79 Kb)
  18. Practical Considerations Mod GLD (MS Word 78 Kb)
  19. Planning Considerations SPGLD (MS Word 84 Kb)
  20. Learning Mathematics SPGLD (MS Word 85 Kb)
  1. Creating Positive Environment SPHE MGLD (MS Word 77 Kb)
  2. Following Instructions SPHE MGLD (MS Word 78 KB)
  3. Independence SPHE MGLD (MS Word 78 Kb)
  4. Intimate Personal Care SPHE Mod GLD (MS Word 88 Kb)
  5. Learning through Self Care Routines SPHE SPGLD (MS Word 80 Kb)
  6. Readiness for Task SPHE MGLD (MS Word 79 Kb)
  7. Relationships and Sexuality Education  SPHE Modgld (MS Word 79 Kb)
  8. Social Skills Checklist SPHE MGLD (MS Word 81 Kb)
  9. Teaching Social Skills SPHE MGLD (MS Word 79 Kb)
  10. What can I learn Myself and Others SPHE SPGLD (MS Word 79 Kb)
  11. What can I learn Myself SPHE SPGLD (MS Word 79 Kb)
  1. Enabling Access to Mainstream P.E. Curriculum ModGLD (MS Word 78.9 Kb)
  2. Addressing Areas of Difficulty P.E. MGLD (MS Word 80Kb)
  3. Enabling Access to Mainstream P.E. Curriculum (MS Word 80Kb)
  4. Practical Considerations for Teaching P.E. MGLD (MS Word 80Kb)
  5. Safety Issues P.E. MGLD (MS Word 80Kb)
  6. What Can I Learn P.E. SPGLD (MS Word 79Kb)
  7. Additional Aims of P.E. Curriculum MGLD (MS Word 80Kb)
  8. Elements to Include in P.E. Curriculum ModGLD (MS Word 76Kb)
  9. P.E. Equipment ModGLD (MS Word 79Kb)
  10. Practical Considerations for Teaching P.E. ModGLD (MS Word 80Kb)
  11. Safety Issues P.E. ModGLD (MS Word 80Kb)