Teaching Exceptionally Able and Dual Exceptional Pupils Inclusively: An Introduction for Primary Schools

This is a five-hour seminar to be delivered over two evenings (2 x 2.5 hrs.)

Seminar Aim

This seminar aims to provide primary teachers with an introduction to the topic of Exceptional Ability and Dual Exceptionality in primary schools.

Expected Outcomes

Teachers will:

  • Have a knowledge and understanding of the concept of Exceptional Ability and Dual Exceptionality (EA/DE)
  • Be aware of the role of assessment in identifying exceptionally able and dual exceptional pupils and their unique learning needs
  • Have an understanding of the particular social and emotional needs of pupils with EA/DE and an overview of strategies to support them
  • Understand the policy framework that underpins the inclusive education of pupils with EA/DE in Ireland
  • Receive an introduction to the concept of metacognition and metacognitive strategies
  • Have a range of differentiation teaching strategies and resources for the teaching of EA/DE pupils
  • Participate in the planning of appropriate instruction for EA/DE pupils.


The seminar has three main sections which address three key questions for teachers:

  • Section 1: ‘What are we talking about?’ - What do we mean by ‘Exceptionally Able’ and ‘Dual Exceptional’?
  • Section 2: ‘How do we find out who they are and what are their needs?’ - Assessment, Identification and Needs
  • Section 3: ‘How do we teach them’ - Teaching the Exceptionally Able and Dual Exceptional

Time:7.00pm – 9.30pm


Booking is essential as places are limited.
Places are limited to two teachers per school unless the event is not fully booked. An application form must be submitted for each teacher. In the event of more than two bookings being made from a school the principal must indicate the two names to which the two places will be allocated. Places will then be allocated to other teachers if the event is not fully booked.
An application form can be accessed below.




Booking Deadline

24th & 25th Sept. 2012 Waterford Teachers' Centre 10th Sept.
1st & 2nd Oct. 2012 Limerick Education Centre 17th Sept.
3rd & 4th Oct. 2012 Athlone Education Centre 19th Sept.
8th & 9th Oct. 2012 Wexford Education Centre
24th Sept.
10th & 11th Oct. 2012 Sligo Education Centre 26th Sept.
15th &  16th Oct. 2012 Navan Education Centre
1st Oct.
17th & 18th Oct. 2012 Cork Education Centre
3rd Oct.
22nd & 23rd Oct. 2012 Galway Education Centre
8th Oct.
22nd & 23rd Oct. 2012 Drumcondra Education Centre
8th Oct.
24th & 25th Oct. 2012 Kilkenny Education Centre
14th Oct.
5th & 6th Nov. 2012 Laois Education Centre, Portlaoise
22nd Oct.
7th & 8th Nov. 2012 Mayo Education Centre
24th Oct.

Application Form

Click here for Application Form [MS Word, 58 kb]

Course Support Documents

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